How to Become a High Roller at Online Casinos

Have you ever wanted to become a high roller? Well, now you can, thanks to the latest innovations in gambling technologies.

The casino industry has been growing rapidly over recent years. In 2017 alone, global revenue from casinos grew by almost 6 percent year-on-year, reaching $1.5 trillion. This means that the amount of money generated through gambling worldwide is now greater than the GDP of countries such as Japan or France.

High rollers play games where they risk much bigger amounts of money. They also tend to be very lucky. When they win big, their luck usually continues into the next game, bringing them back over and over again. Below, we share how you can become a high roller at online casinos.

How to Become a High Roller at Online Casinos

1. Play for Big Money

To begin with, you need to decide what kind of games you want to play. Do you prefer blackjack, poker, roulette, baccarat, craps, or any other type of table game? Once this decision is made, it will determine which types of online casinos offer these games.

You should select an online casino offering games like blackjack because it’s one of the most popular forms of betting around the world. For example, more than half of all people who gamble on the web choose to bet on card games. If you are looking to become a high roller, then you would consider playing live dealer games. This means that you get to meet real dealers face-to-face while you play.

2. Be Lucky

Now that you have chosen your preferred casino games, you can start playing. What do you think about when you first walk into any casino? The answer may surprise you: lighting. It turns out that bright lights make players more likely to make mistakes during games. However, if you keep walking past the light switches, you may well find yourself playing in total darkness!

You should therefore ensure that you always play on sites with good lighting conditions. Lighting helps limit distraction, making it easier to focus on the games themselves rather than things like advertisements or chat rooms.

3. Choose Realistic Wagering Requirements

Do you know why some online casinos require players to wager only one cent per spin? It’s not just because they don’t want to pay commission fees or taxes – it’s actually to protect themselves against fraud.

If you were to lose everything in one go, it could cost a lot of money. Therefore, to prevent losing too much, casinos set limits on how much money you can lose in a single session. They then allow you to withdraw funds before you reach this limit. As long as you stay within this limit, you can continue to play without being penalized.

4. Keep Playing Longer Session Times

In general, online casinos let players complete sessions of between 30 minutes and several hours. However, the longer you spend, the better chance you have of winning. For example, there is a significant difference between spending 10 minutes per day compared to 90 minutes.

The reason for this is simple: the longer you play, the more time you will have to practice new strategies. You might even end up developing the habit of playing until you lose.

5. Always Have Plenty of Funds Available

There are two reasons why you should never run low on cash during gaming sessions. Firstly, low bankrolls mean less time spent practicing strategies, which increases your chances of losing. Secondly, when you go broke, you lose access to your funds.

Therefore, you should always keep a certain percentage of your available funds ready for use whenever you play. For instance, we recommend setting aside 20% of your account balance every time you log onto an online casino site. This way, your losses won’t be so large that you have to close down your account or stop playing altogether.

6. Avoid Unreliable Providers

Gambling websites need to be reliable. That means that they must offer secure banking options and fair game rules.

When choosing a provider, therefore, you should look at their reputation and security features. The best providers offer 24/7 support, a wide variety of payment methods, and bonuses for existing customers. Furthermore, they also give regular promotions and tournaments.

Finally, consider whether a particular provider has been licensed by a recognized government body such as the UK Gambling Commission. When you visit these websites, you can search for information about them using Google. If you find anything suspicious, please report it to us immediately.


Casinos have come a long way since they first started appearing on the web. Players can now enjoy all sorts of entertainment from slots, table games, sports betting, live dealer games, no deposit bonus offers, etc. All you need to do is choose the right ones based on the above tips!