Enjoy an Explosive Game of Progressive Jackpots in Australia

As you have already done your homework pretty well about the progressive jackpots and slot games, you must be well aware that if you are interested in higher stakes then progressive jackpots have the right deals for you.

Australia mobile casinosAustralia is already considered to be one of the rosy grounds for online gambling where safe gambling is given a special place and for progressive jackpots worth a fortune, Spin Palace Casino is undoubtedly the place to be. Offering a huge round of choices in game types, Spin Palace makes sure that you attain the pinnacle of enjoyment and success with big time cash inflow.

Royal Vegas Australia Casino is another place where you have every chance of winning big and making it to the jackpot where every wining amount is added to the central prize amount during wagering). The online casino not only provides all information about the jackpot games and how best you can play but it also offers lump sum bonus to the fresh enrolments in the casino. Further, the casino, supports safe money transaction methods Skrill, Neteller, Eco and Paysafe Card.

Red Flush Casino Australia is another famed identity in the world of progressive jackpots in Australia. Be it progressive jackpot slots, progressive jackpot roulette or any other type of progressive jackpot games, Red Flush Casino Australia guarantees bulky bonuses for new joinees and hours of fun and enjoyment. If you are among the ardent jackpot fans then Casino Splendido Australia is worth a try as the mobile casino offers sleek and easy gaming experience. Casino Mate Australia is another popular mobile casino in Australia that offers you a fulfilling and smooth experience with progressive jackpots and pokies.

Blackjack Players Welcome at Lucky Nugget Casino

Seasoned players are familiar with the name Lucky Nugget Casino. It is a well-known brand in casino industry and is known for its superlative services, generous bonuses and wonderful portfolios. The concern was founded in August 1998. Its gaming operations started the same year. They soon built their reputation of offering quality entertainment in a friendly environment soon after.

Lucky Nugget CasinoThe game catalogue of Lucky Nugget Casino is inclusive of 264 casino titles. Most of the games are sourced from Microgaming, the well-known game development company. The casino is a member of Interactive Gaming Council. Its license was issued by Government of Malta.

No shortage of games

This highly enjoyable top online gaming magnet accepts five world currencies and is compatible with 11 world languages. The design of the site is a classic one with a gold and blue color scheme. When visitors come to the main page, they are rewarded with the present casino online bonus available with sumptuous design. Players are also informed about total jackpot amounts and new releases.

Blackjack players enjoy preferential treatment

Players of Blackjack enjoy a royal treatment at the Lucky Nugget Casino. The online game company provides 47 variations of the immensely popular game on both desktops and mobiles. Players of this exciting game are provided with a special promotion specially designed to attract best from gameplay. A number of standard games like Vegas Strip Blackjack, Classic Blackjack Gold, and Atlantic City Blackjack Gold are available. Players can select the game from famous 21 styles as well.

The Lucky Nugget Casino menu of Blackjack games includes the history of the game and the rules governing this fine activity. Not only history and rules, the casino also offers a number of useful blackjack playing tips. These knowledge sources will raise the winning odds of online blackjack.

Sliding Revenues in Macau Hurt Profits of Las Vegas Sands

The stock prices of gambling giant Las Vegas Sands have plummeted by 25 percent within last few months due to drop in profits of nearly 20 percent from their Macau gaming properties. Since six months the firm has been observing a steady decline, in spite of struggling to improve its business. According to industry experts this decline has been due to stricter government regulations against corruption and smoking regulations, which have kept high rollers away from Macau’s gaming tables. The gaming properties of Las Vegas Sands in Macau contribute to nearly 15 percent of total revenue due to regular visits by high roller gamblers from China and Australia.

VIP gamers and Macau

Las Vegas SandsIncreasing cases of money laundering and crime has led to tight visa regulations by Chinese authorities for people seeking to travel to Macau for gambling. Industry estimates state that nearly 4.94 billion in revenue was contributed by VIP gamers during 2014 showed an overall decline of 2 percent since last year when Macau produced overall revenue of $ 45.2 million. According to Sheldon Adelson the CEO of Las Vegas Sands the gaming industry will get better and VIP trends will improve by February 2015. Though few other large casino firms have reported dwindling revenues from Macau casino markets, Las Vegas Sands has been reporting decent 7.2 percent growth in revenues.

Reasons for slowdown in Macau revenues

In recent years the Las Vegas Sands had witnessed growth between 2007 and 2013 in VIP gaming. Though the market had been traditionally strong in Macau, revenues started declining since early 2014 primarily due to government crackdown on visa grants and reducing stay time. In recent years VIPs’ have stayed away from Macau due to societal restrictions and regulations of smoking and transit restrictions. Casino revenues from VIPs’ is expected to grow in forthcoming years as Venetian Macau of Las Vegas Sands earned profits of $620 million during early part of 2014. Though matters appear grim in Macau industry experts state that the situation will improve as Macau is the only legal gambling area in China and growing number of High Net worth individuals are likely to be interested in making gambling a regular pastime.

Australia’s Worst Performing Casino for a Makeover

For years the Jupiters Hotel and Casino located on Australia’s Gold Coast has been a bit of a laughing stock amongst casino goers and executives in the business. It’s been notoriously known as the worst performing casino in the country, and certainly lost business to some of the other more impressive casinos in the area. However, Chris Morris sees a bright future for the business, and has purchased the casino that he sees as a diamond in the rough.

Jupiters Hotel and CasinoMorris made a fortune of hundreds of millions of dollars in computer and technology industries and has recently invested a not-too-small portion of that into Queensland tourism. His purchase of the casino was not a hasty decision, and is not one that he is under allusions of grandeur about, by any means. He knows it needs a serious makeover and does not expect to turn any sort of profit for the business or himself for at least four years. However, his success with building brands and businesses up and his dedication to improving tourism in the area might be the recipe for success Jupiters needs.

While there are many things that comprise the tourism industry in Queensland, Australia, gambling opportunities are certainly a draw, particularly for high rollers from Asia. With three best large casinos, there’s plenty of healthy competition for Morris and his goals of making Jupiters a success. However, his new business model for the casino might offer something that the others don’t. He’s offering a truly tourist-centric approach to running the casino, with the gambling almost acting as an afterthought.

With the option of purchasing pre-arranged tourist packages that will allow the guests there to explore the Great Barrier Reef, hit all the major tourist attractions in the area, experience the natural beauty and cultural offerings of Queensland, and more, his Hotel and Casino is turning out to look like a truly unique tourist experience. While time will tell whether this new business model for Jupiters Hotel and Casino is going to be its saving grace, it is one that, at the very least, Morris is confident in and determined to make happen.

Bill Gross: The Bond King and His Love for Blackjack

Bill Gross is often called the bond king. He got that nickname because of his skills in the financial world, but his true passion is blackjack. He started playing the game when he was young, and ventured to Vegas when he had made a bit of money for himself.

Bill GrossHis first Vegas adventure came when he was just out of college. With his Duke University degree completed, he took $2,000 to Vegas in the hopes of doubling that money. Four months later he came out of the gambling capital of the world with $10,000. All of that money was made by counting cards and playing blackjack. He did get kicked out of a few casinos, but that was part of the risk.

He still credits his blackjack background for helping him in the financial world. “I learned about taking risks, about how numbers are always the best way to success, and that enough hard work can beat any system,” he said.

His experiences in Vegas taught him that it was not all about taking gigantic risks. Most of his card counting adventures involved small sums of money. He would play patiently and build up his money over time, instead of playing three or four huge bets. This ideology helped him in the financial world, where he managed bond funds for many years.

Gross spent some time in the military. He was stationed in Vietnam after his exploits in Vegas. Business school at the University of California LA followed, but Gross was already growing tired of school. He believed that life experience was a lot more important than a college education. He is quoted as describing college as “a four year vacation that gets interrupted by occasional periods of serious studying and essay writing.”

He may be famous for his exploits on Wall Street, but Bill Gross will also be remembered for his exceptional ability to win at the blackjack tables.

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Australian Mega-Casinos Likely To Become Reality

Two multi-billion dollar casino resorts are in the works for Queensland. With the the Aquis project at work in Cairns and the Broadwater marine project ongoing on the Gold Coast, Queensland could be seeing a total of over $15 billion dollars worth of resorts and casinos going up in the next few years.

Both projects, although still in the pre-planning phase, are looking promising. With a fair amount of government and political support, there is a lot of positive energy surrounding the projects when it comes to public announcements and updates. It is hoped that the two world-class level casinos and interactive resorts will draw in tourism from all around the world, but particularly brining in revenue from 6sportsbetting Chinese gamblers, known as whales.


Recent announcements have made it clear that if the project proposals are approved, the two casinos will both be almost certain to receive their gambling licenses. With this in mind, those planning the resorts can now turn their attention and concerns to other areas of the proposals, helping to ensure that they’ll be approved. Areas that the two resort planning committees will need to consider are environmental impact, local involvement, funding, zoning laws, and other such logistical concerns.

While the casinos have had a lot of loud public support from certain government officials, there has also been a fair share of negativity and concern raised over their construction. As one concerned patron, Tim Costello of the Australian Churches Gambling Taskforce, pointed out the two casinos are both set for construction in the heart of hubs of low financial income. Rising concerns over the potential for these casinos to add to the upward trend of problem gambling in the areas in which they’re constructed is certainly causing some to question whether they’re going to be helpful or hurtful to the areas.

While some may have their concerns over the morality and affects of local residents, there is still quite a bit of hype surrounding the two projects. And with the new knowledge that they no longer need to invest a lot of concern into obtaining gambling licenses, the energies of those planning them are more focused than ever.

Playing with the reliable online live casinos can make you win a lot of money

http://cdn.jimmakos.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/live-casino-dealer.jpgToday, casinos have become one of the fastest growing online businesses. Earlier, land based casinos or traditional casinos were the only medium considered to enjoy the variety of casino games. Casinos online are generally considered as a duplicate form of the land based casino. With the technological advancement, the concept of casinos has even become better and it has even enabled number of gamblers to play a wide variety of casino games with better payouts. Online live casinos are a great way with which one can make a lot of money and can even get entertained. Most of the popular casinos are typically expert and reliable because they only make use of best in casino gaming software. In addition, this is the best platform where you can be connected with different people and can make new friends. Remember, different kinds of rules are applied for different ND bonus.

All you need to do is go through those rules and avoid any disappointment and difficulties. Although, online casino offer four types of bonuses, namely match bonuses, free cash or no-deposit bonuses, bonuses for membership renewal and bonuses to use a preferred deposit system, but you can choose the one according to your preference. In order to enjoy the facility of free cash bonuses, you just need to sign up. You can even place free bets up to the value of the bonus. People who are new to the online casinos can go for this bonus type, as there is a chance to win real cash with your free bet. However, before you consider being indulged with any of them, make sure to take necessary caution, as most of these bonuses are fake. Such fake companies try to tempt the user but later on create problem for them. Therefore, it is important to learn more about the particular site beforehand and discard any kind of problem therein.

No wonder, these days online live casinos are considered by maximum number of people worldwide but before making up your mind to play the favorite online casino game make sure to read the casino guide and other information. Getting the help of online guide and reviews will directly educate you about the rules and regulations of the online games. Unlike, land based casino, one can easily gather further knowledge and information about ND bonus and about a certain game, which you are interested in playing.