Six New Games on SlotsMillion Casino

Slots are a favourite on online casinos, which is why you can always see new additions in the category every two-three months. SlotsMillion Casino has decided to keep its players entertained with not two or three, but with six new slot games. These latest slot games are:

Gorilla Go Wild

SlotsMillion CasinoHelp a gorilla find a new place for itself in this game. The game can be enjoyed on both your personal computer and mobile phone.

Georgie Porgie

Aren’t fairy tales the classic video slots inspiration? With 15 paylines covering five reels, Georgie Porgie is a dreamy slot game that you can also play on the go. The game has been developed by Microgaming and impresses with its graphics.

Dragons Myth

Another thrilling, mystical addition is the Dragons Myth, which is more on the lines of the the Lord of the Rings kind of games. Designed by Rabcat, Dragons Myth is also available on both online sites and as a downloadable. With 20 paylines, the game quickly gets you all excited with its special features and bonuses, Dragon bounty bonus being one of them.

Rabbit in the Hat

The game with nine paylines is about is magician who sets out on a quest, accompanies by his assistant. The game is colourful and being developed by Microgaming, the layout is clean while the graphics and animations flow in smoothly too. Among the bonus features are the special kinds of hats that you get to unlock, namely Free Spins Hats, Cash Hats, Wild Hats and Mystery Hats each offering you a unique feature.


The 25 paylines game is based on the theme of dining, and is available both casinos websites and on mobile devices.

Boogie Monsters

Boasting of a large payline (40), Boogie Monsters is full of thrilling bonuses which will keep your entertained for hours.

Casino Hack Attributed to Iran

In February 2014, the Las Vegas Sands Casino had to deal with a tenacious hacker, according to news reported by Bloomberg and the Asian Poker live website. The attack did not target any data or money; it seemed to just cause chaos and serve as a personal attack on Sheldon Adelson, CEO of the company, as per the report.

Sheldon AdelsonIt seems that the perpetrators of the attack were not pleased with Adelson’s open support of Israel. Last month, James Clapper, the director of National Intelligence, reported to an Armed Services Committee of the US Senate that the hack was indeed perpetrated by Iran and not any mediocre hacking group.

The hack

During the hack, the attackers took over the website of the casino and displayed on it an image of the casino burning up in flames along with another image showcasing Adelson and Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, interacting. The hackers also seemed to have sent a message with the warning of not to condone the use of mass destruction weapons. Another aspect to the hack was the inclusion of details of some employees of the casino company which could be accessed via a scroll bar.

Technological capabilities

While Clapper did state in his report that the technological capabilities of North Korea and Israel left much to be desired, especially when compared to those of China and Russia, he also mentioned that attacks of the above kind can result in much destruction. He also stated that such attacks demonstrated that Israel and North Korea are quite unpredictable. Clapper also indicated that instead of one single attack that could cripple the entire United States’ infrastructure, small but persistent attacks, like the one on Sands casino, while not extremely debilitating by themselves, can have a huge cumulative effect.

Play It Interactive To Partner with Indian Media Firms

Play It Interactive has been in the business for just one year, but that does not stop it from testing the waters, internationally. The mobile-gaming platform developer from Canada is planning to establish its base in countries like South Africa, India, Latin America and Nigeria. To tap on the growing number of gamers in India, it has already raised about $1 million. It is also presently in talks with media firms in India to widen its offerings in the nation.

Mobile Gaming

Widening its platform

As said by President of the start-up, Cory Cleveland, the firm intends to team up with Indian media companies and offer a wide line of mobile games to players. Play it provides mobile platforms that allow its users to enjoy a variety of games like online gambling and video games. It also offers interactive entertainment events on phones with basic features, at cheap prices. Ray Newal, the Head of Development of the firm explained that using its platforms for one hour over a whole month would consume as little as 100 MB of data.

The company has previously tasted success by launching a football app during the FIFA World Cup in July. It attracted more than 6, 45,000 players, out of which 500,000 were from India. The app allows gamers to hold powerful positions in professional football teams. They get to retain or drop players from the team and take it towards glory by making strategic decisions against other teams. The response towards the game by Indian players, prompted the company to focus on the Indian gaming market.

Interactive gameplay

Similar to the football app, the company has also released a cricket app. It also offers an Indian-style poker game named ‘Teen Patti’ in the country. One of the biggest strengths of the company is that it offers highly interactive and light games. Newal mentioned that the firm is currently in talks with several media giants in the country and will soon sign a deal with one of them. However, he did not give out the names of any of the firms with which it might get into a partnership.

Football Summer Transfer Betting Markets

With club football taking a sabbatical during the summer months, betting enthusiasts have two places to shift their focus: the World Cup and transfer betting. Players transferring from one team to another is common practice in football, with substantial amounts of money usually involved. The summer transfer window closes on the 2nd of September, meaning all moves have to be completed by then. Here are some intriguing markets for player moves between now and then.

Petr Cech:

Football-BettingWith Chelsea recalling Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois from Atletico Madrid, it appears that Petr Cech’s time as Chelsea’s number one is coming to an end. The Czech goalkeeper has a decision to make. Will he fight for his place at Stamford Bridge or seek a move elsewhere? The odds of him staying at Chelsea are 4/9, while a move is priced at 13/8. Among interested clubs, there are odds on him signing for PSG at 5/2 and Monaco at 5/1. With Marc Andre Ter Stegen picking up an injury in training, odds of 20/1 for Cech to join Barcelona may be worth a bet.

Edinson Cavani:

The big Uruguayan has been linked to Manchester United for months. But with Rooney and Robin van Persie on the books at the Old Trafford club, it is unlikely that they will splash the cash on Cavani. A move to Arsenal seems the most likely given the current situation. Odds of 2/1 are available on that move.

Shinji Kagawa:

Most pundits expect Louis van Gaal to give Shinji Kagawa another chance at Manchester United. However, with competition for places fiercer than ever, Kagawa may find himself surplus to requirements at Old Trafford. A move to either Atletico Madrid or Borussia Dortmund seems the most likely. Odds for Atletico are 13/8, with Dortmund priced at 2/1 to land him.
Kagawa may also find himself part of a cash plus player swap deal for Arturo Vidal. Odds of Kagawa moving to Juventus are 12/1.

Transfer markets are typically left open until the move happens or the current transfer window closes.
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God of Games

There has never been an experience in medieval Scandinavia that is quite as exciting as that which is available through playing Drunken Vikings. This new slot game that is being released by Tom Horn promises players adventure and substantial chances at winning big when they set sail. This game features 15 different winning lines and over five reels for gamers to engage.

Gods of Games


The God of Thunder, Thor, is a major part of game play, representing the wild symbol that players can use to boost their winnings. With Thor’s hammer in hand, players can transform other symbols in order to gain the wild advantage. The more winning combinations acquired with the help of Thor, the better players will do. Longships bring the opportunity to players to access free spins while the scatter symbols have their own multipliers that can at least double the winnings.

This game offers extremely unique bonus symbols during game play as well. These extras give players access to 3-piece puzzles that can be moved to completion using the 2nd and and 4th reels. Solving the puzzles leads to fun and great opportunities to keep the winnings coming. The Vikings move to a local tavern where a beer-drinking bonus game ensues. The rewards during this activity are the highest in the game. Each player picks beers for their viking to consume, and each beer selection reveals bonus prizes.

Let the Adventure Continue

After a healthy amount of drinking, the actions of the viking move you further through the medieval realm. Players even have the chance to engage in a brawl with other drinking vikings in the tavern. The outcome of the fight can easily lead to more winnings. Winning the conflict can allow you to double the bonus prizes that you earn at the bar.

This extremely popular game is just one of many popular slot offerings to come from Tom Horn. His enterprises include four other popular slot games and one new poker game. Book of Spells is one of the most popular slot games to first come from Tom Horn.

Canadian David Baazov Bets on Future of Online Gambling in United States

David Baazov has always fancied himself as a bit of a gambler. He has spent the past few years slowly building up his electronics company to a point where he can have a vital say in the future of the online gambling industry. Recent weeks have revealed that his company has completed an incredible $5 billion takeover of the online betting company PokerStars (which also owns Full Tilt Poker).

David BaazovA quick look at the balance sheet for Baazov’s company shows that they do not have the cash on hand to complete such a deal. It means that a great deal of debt has been bought in recent months, secured against his existing and newly purchased companies, to help this deal go through. Experts believe that this is a wise gamble, with most expecting that online gambling will be legalized throughout the United States, but it is a gamble nonetheless.

Hurdles –

There are still plenty of obstacles that must be passed before PokerStars can become a major player in the United States. Lobbying continues from influential sources to stop the legalization of gambling in the United States, with only a few states having allowed betting companies to set up sites to date.

The two sites he has bought up already have about 85 million users, but Baazov plans to greatly increase these numbers in the coming years. Not only will legalization of gambling be important, but he must incorporate these existing sites with other online powerhouses. Adding online games, smartphone applications, and other strategic partnerships will be the best way to make this happen.

Baazov had this to say on the matter: “We have no doubts that our newly acquired companies will reach out to new customers in the coming months and years. The goal is expansion in any way possible. That may include a broadening of the poker base, along with adding other games and features when the time is right.”

Legal Implications –

The truth is that no matter how brilliantly Baazov sets up these companies in the coming years, he is relying on the U.S. government to legalize gambling. If gambling is not legal in the majority of U.S. states within the next five to ten years, his acquisition of these companies will be a bust.

For now, PokerStars is back on the U.S. stock exchange, for the first time since 2011. However, the road to redemption for that company and for Baazov could be a long and ultimately fruitless one.

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Australian Mega-Casinos Likely To Become Reality

Two multi-billion dollar casino resorts are in the works for Queensland. With the the Aquis project at work in Cairns and the Broadwater marine project ongoing on the Gold Coast, Queensland could be seeing a total of over $15 billion dollars worth of resorts and casinos going up in the next few years.

Both projects, although still in the pre-planning phase, are looking promising. With a fair amount of government and political support, there is a lot of positive energy surrounding the projects when it comes to public announcements and updates. It is hoped that the two world-class level casinos and interactive resorts will draw in tourism from all around the world, but particularly brining in revenue from 6sportsbetting Chinese gamblers, known as whales.


Recent announcements have made it clear that if the project proposals are approved, the two casinos will both be almost certain to receive their gambling licenses. With this in mind, those planning the resorts can now turn their attention and concerns to other areas of the proposals, helping to ensure that they’ll be approved. Areas that the two resort planning committees will need to consider are environmental impact, local involvement, funding, zoning laws, and other such logistical concerns.

While the casinos have had a lot of loud public support from certain government officials, there has also been a fair share of negativity and concern raised over their construction. As one concerned patron, Tim Costello of the Australian Churches Gambling Taskforce, pointed out the two casinos are both set for construction in the heart of hubs of low financial income. Rising concerns over the potential for these casinos to add to the upward trend of problem gambling in the areas in which they’re constructed is certainly causing some to question whether they’re going to be helpful or hurtful to the areas.

While some may have their concerns over the morality and affects of local residents, there is still quite a bit of hype surrounding the two projects. And with the new knowledge that they no longer need to invest a lot of concern into obtaining gambling licenses, the energies of those planning them are more focused than ever.

Three Detroit Casinos Keeping Bankrupt City Afloat


The city of Detroit is relying on an unexpected business to keep them afloat. While the auto-industry used to be the main source of income for the struggling city, the three casinos located within the city limits are now necessary to keep city above financial floodwater during bankruptcy proceedings.

Within the bankruptcy filings it can be seen exactly how dependent the city is on the monthly taxes received from the casinos. As of June 30th, the $11-million in monthly taxes accounts for approximately 30% of the city’s available money. The casino tax alone pays for half of the police department and 100% of the capital required to keep the fire department in motion.

Detroit, home to four of the top ten most dangerous neighborhoods in the entire United States, needs the money from the casinos every month to make sure the residents of their streets will be safe. The filing expresses the urgency of funding within the police and fire department, stating that the casino taxes are required immediately.

The handling of casino tax money became an issue for the city of Detroit when a creditor wanted to keep the city from having any access to the funds. Syncora Holdings, and insurer lost control of the tax funds after a court order gave control and access to the casino money back to Detroit. Now that the city has filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy, the court will need to give the go ahead for Detroit to receive any funds that come out of its three casinos. Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, and UBS, other creditors working with the city have all agreed that the casino intake can go to the city.

Casino taxes and their benefits to Detroit come from the Greektown Casino, MGM Grand Detroit, and Motor City Casino. As with many cities, casinos bring jobs, tourism, and extra money that can cover the bills for crucial amenities such as fire crews and police.

As of April 2013, the state of Michigan saw proposals for 8 new casinos that could bring in more jobs, and most importantly, more income for a state that is struggling to stay afloat.