Common Gambling Myths Online Today

Are you aware of these common gambling myths? If yes, then why do they exist?

There are many myths surrounding gambling and some of them are very common. Many gamblers believe that gambling can cure their problems or at least provide relief from stress. In reality, gambling only adds to our woes because it drains us financially, emotionally, physically, psychologically, socially, and spiritually.

Gambling is a form of addiction that affects millions worldwide. The majority of people who gamble are motivated primarily by thrill-seeking, escape, and entertainment. Gamblers tend to spend more time, energy, and resources on those activities rather than on other important aspects of life. Some gamblers even argue that the odds are always stacked against them. Is it true though?

Common Gambling Myths Online Today

1. Card Counting Is Illegal

The first myth people have about card counting is that it’s illegal. This is not true. It’s perfectly legal in most countries such as New Zealand and Australia. People also wrongly assume that card counters will be caught because of strict laws. However, this isn’t the case. There are no specific laws against card counting.

2. You Can Not Win When You Bet Against The House

Many gamblers think that when they bet on the house, they cannot win. This is an incorrect belief. We all know that poker is a game of skill but we also know that luck plays a huge role in winning. Therefore, one should never bet against the dealer or the cards.

3. Betting On Sports Will Make Me Rich

Betting in sports is considered unethical. Many would say that betting on sports is like gambling. While there are similarities between both forms of betting, there is a big difference too. Most gamblers don’t make money off of sports betting. They lose money instead. Sports betting helps you earn money by providing tips and strategies for different events.

4. I Shouldn’t Gamble Because I Am A Good Person And Don’t Want To Lose Money

When we ask ourselves whether we should gamble or not, we usually come up with a simple answer – yes or no. But being good doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take risks. Being honest doesn’t mean we won’t lie. Being faithful doesn’t mean you aren’t going to cheat. Why should we expect others to behave well? If someone behaves rudely towards you, how much respect could you give him/her?

5. You Cannot Control Your Emotions During Gambling

Controlling your emotions while gambling is impossible. Emotions play a major role in almost every decision we make. For example, if a person is angry or sad, he/she might act irrationally. Similarly, if they feel happy or excited, they may enjoy doing something they otherwise wouldn’t.

6. All Gambling Has Negative Consequences

Many gamblers believe that all gambling has negative consequences. They believe that they will end up losing everything once they start gambling. However, these beliefs are false. Even if you lose money, it will not ruin your life completely.

7. Only Winners Are Happy About Winning

This is another misconception about gambling. Winning a lot of money does not automatically make you happy. On the contrary, many winners become depressed after becoming rich. They think they did something wrong. Or maybe they just lost interest in themselves.

8. I Have To Be Careful Because Of Bad Habits

Most gamblers are afraid of developing bad habits through gambling. They worry that they will develop addictions to gambling. Some gamblers do get addicted to gambling. Some even experience severe withdrawal symptoms when they try to stop. However, you can prevent yourself from getting addicted.

9. I Need Time Off From Work To Watch TV And Play Online Casino Games

People often think that they need time off work so that they can watch television and play online casino games. However, studies show that watching television and playing video games takes away our focus from important things. As a result, we may neglect our responsibilities at home and work. Additionally, excessive gaming sessions may cause health issues since you spend less time sleeping.

10. Online Casino Games Come With No Risks

Some gamblers believe that online casinos offer them zero risks. This is not true though. Although some online casinos claim to provide safe and secure services, they may use third-party companies which have been involved in security breaches before. Therefore, it’s always best to choose an online casino with a great reputation.


Overall, there are many misconceptions associated with gambling. We tend to think that only winners are happy because most people associate winning with wealth. Gamblers also fear developing bad habits due to their belief that all gambling has negative effects. Furthermore, they believe that they cannot control their emotions during gambling. Finally, they think that online casino games come with zero risks.