Explore the Brand New Trend of Mobile Casinos

Casino gambling has always scored as one of the primary sources of recreation for many and a major source of earning for some. With changing time gambling has shifted base from land based casinos to the more glamorous and exquisite virtual world where the best slot machines to play save you the trouble of moving out of your home or office.

All transactions and more importantly gambling, currently takes place online where the risks of losing have been minimized proportionately. In fact, the new stars in the gambling world is instant withdrawal online casino usa that let you enjoy your favorite games through your mobile phone platforms.

Mobile Casinos

Mobile casinos are popular in almost all countries and Canada definitely tops the list of gamblers who prefer to keep it sleek and chic while playing at their mobile casinos.

  • Maple Mobile Casino offers $300 Free in deposit bonuses! This includes 40 Free Spins for Avalon on the 1st deposit!
  • Casino.com is another very popular name that lets you play at a nominal investment of CAD 200.
  • If you really enjoy playing with some big bucks and hefty investments then Jackpot City Casino allowing an investment of CAD 1600, is definitely the place for you.
  • Casino Midas follows the suit with an investment allowance of CAD 1500.
  • Lucky 24*7 is ideal for serious but careful players who wouldn’t mind investing a decent amount of CAD 500.
  • Spin Palace is another impressive name that lets you play against an amount of CAD 1000.
  • Gaming Club is your haven if you believe in playing for big money like CAD 2000.
  • Ruby Fortune with more than 450 games is again ideal for the serious but calculative players who can invest anything near CAD 750.

The mobile casino online usa games are available for the mobile platforms like iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android. Get more from life and stay tuned to your mobile casinos in Canada.

When to Take Special Actions in Blackjack

There are two primary actions in the game of blackjack that all players understand. Most situations demand that you hit or stand. Some, however, require you to think a little bit more and take what’s known as a special action. You can either double down, split your cards, or surrender in some cases. When you should you do these things?

play blackjack

When to double down

Doubling down gives you a chance to put more money on the table after seeing your cards. This is a special opportunity, and it’s one that you must take full advantage of if you’re going to win. You should double down any time you have an 11, regardless of what the dealer holds. You should also double down on every 10 except in those cases when the dealer shows a 10 or an ace. In addition, you should be doubling down any eight or nine if the dealer shows a four, five, or six.

Where things get a bit messy is when you have a soft hand. If you’re hold a soft 12, 13, 14, or 15, you should double down when you’re looking at a dealer’s five or six. By doing this, you’ll be maximizing your edge in those specific hands.

When to split

You have the option of splitting any time you’re dealt cards of the same value. It’s important to get one thing out of the way up front. You should never split 10s under any circumstance. Beyond that, there are a few times when it’s right to split nines. If the dealer is showing a four through six, you might split nines. You should split eights against every dealer card except a 10. You should also split threes against every dealer card except that 10. It’s smart to split twos and fours against a dealer bust card, including a four, five, or six. Just as you shouldn’t split your 10s, you should never split fives.

When to surrender

Only certain blackjack tables give you the ability to surrender. This option allows you to get back half of your bet, and you automatically lose. The only time when you should surrender your hand is when you have a 15 or 16 against a dealer’s 10. This will provide you with a tremendous amount of value over time. Though it’s not exactly a “fun” way to play, you’ll walk away with more money over time.

Understanding Online Casino Gambling Rules and Regulations

If you have been thinking of trying your hand at some online gambling then you are not alone, because more and more people are finding it preferable to walk in casino betting. Just as with any other type of casinos however, there are a few rules and regulations that you will have to adhere to. The first rule of online gambling is that you have to be at least eighteen years of age.

The next rule that you may run into is that many online gaming sites will require that all new users download their software before they can begin playing. This should be no problem unless your computer is incomputable for it which it most likely isn’t. The next rule that you are going to encounter is that you are going to have to open an online account with the casino that you are playing at. This is simple enough and the website will explain all that you need to know to get your account open and stocked with gaming funds. If you live in the U.S.

The first one is to use gift cards that most online casinos will accept. The other method is to open an overseas banking account which is now relatively easy to do online and transfer you gaming money from that. Some online sites in fact are now banning Americans from playing at their online casinos rather than deal with the vague U.S. rules and regulations that are imposed on them.