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The Australian Gaming Crackdown

Many suspected it—and it’s finally happening. Australia has targeted the overseas, illegal gambling market, but its strict legislative impositions may be hindering the country’s legitimate gaming industry.

The Illegal Offshore Wagering Working Group

The illegal gambling industry in question is worth approximately $1.5 billion, and new measures directed towards its removal will take form in an Illegal Offshore Wagering Working Group. The group, created beneath the country’s Gambling Industry Advisory Council, will feature professional decision makers from sports, horseracing, and wagering organizations.

AFLAdditionally, the Coalition of Major Professional and Participation Sports, representing the AFL, will focus on code reformations pertaining to football, netball, tennis, and cricket. While these sectors aren’t directly correlated with overseas gaming, modern rulesets may be facilitating unnecessary, illegal betting.

Re-Focus of Australia-Based Gaming Providers

Such legislative overlap has impacted Australia’s legal gaming industry, and lobbying individuals from Australia’s bookmaking industry have incidentally hedged funds procured via horse racing and other sports to combat the new initiative.

Such action has reduced overseas gambling, but other industries may be suffering. Measures taken to discourage Australian-based providers from overseas relocation have reduced the industry’s capacity for tax sustainment, and both sporting and racing markets may fall considerably. Currently, Australia’s online wagering market carries an estimated $10 million in weight.

The Association of Corporate Counsel and the Industry’s Future

The Association of Corporate Counsel has compiled an Australian licensure analysis—and its results reveal significant legislative overlap. According to, the Rights Party of Australia has fought against restrictive regulations spawned from the industry’s “regulatory creep”, and several statutory organizations may require additional laws—furthering the process. What will the future hold? Only time will tell.

Brisbane’s Queen Wharf Project Moves Forward

The historic Queen’s Wharf neighborhood is one of Brisbane’s most unique districts. The centrally located neighborhood is located right along Brisbane’s world-famous ocean front, and attracts thousands of tourists, vacationers, and business-people each year.

Echo Entertainment, one of Brisbane’s most respected development firms, has worked closely with the city officials on a proposal to build a casino complex in Queen’s Wharf. A representative speaking on behalf of Echo Entertainment says that a casino could really enliven the historic area, as well as bring in millions of dollars in additional revenue to the neighborhood. However, most people still wonder if this is a good investment since the boom of online casinos like One cant help but wonder if the offline casino will generate the expected ROI.

The Two Competing Development Firms

Queen’s WharfBesides Echo Entertainment, the other land development firm in the running for the Queen’s Wharf casino license is Crown Resorts. Both groups are backed by Chinese financiers. More specifically, Echo Entertainment has received money for the proposed Queen’s Wharf casino complex from Mr. Cheng Yu Tung, a billionaire located in Hong Kong. Crown Resorts, on the other hand, has backing from a casino holdings group that owns gambling complexes in places like Vietnam and Macau.

Decision Time in March

The newest reports coming out of Brisbane suggest that local politicians will decide which firm will be granted the casino license in March. Brisbane officials are pushing the decision back until after local elections, which take place in the middle of March.

Some political analysts believe that the Queen’s Wharf casino project will be a hot-button issue come election time. This explains why incumbent officials have decided to hold off on making a decision that will greatly affect the future of Queen’s Wharf until after the votes are in.

Other reports indicate that waiting until March will give Brisbane’s politicians more time to explore the financial integrity of both Crown Resorts and Echo Entertainment.

Thieves Strike Quickly at Betting Shop: 77 Year Old Loses Thousands of Pounds

The theft of winnings upsets the betting public more anything else in the world of gaming entertainment. Add to this case that the victim was elderly and a regular at the betting shop only fuels the fire to the fervor that this theft has stoked. A 77 year old gentleman was taken for up to £15,000 at a William Hill betting shop in the morning of September 21st. The betting shop in question is the one located on Cowbridge Road East, Canton.Gambling

Initial reports indicated that the man had frequented this location for the purpose of collecting some winnings owed to him. Police are not entirely certain this was the reason for the man’s visit.

What the authorities are more sure of is the following. Two Caucasians wearing nondescript dark clothing are prime persons of interest in this case. During the morning in question, the pensioner had left the bag of cash momentarily unattended. When his attention returned to the table, he noticed the bag had been taken. Management at the betting shop was notified and in turn contacted the authorities. The shop was temporarily closed and the area taped off so the police could conduct their investigation.

Police are labeling this a a theft as no use or threat of violence was made. Speculation is still unsure if this was more of a crime of opportunity or whether the perpetrators were scoping the area for victims. A plea to the public is being made for anyone that has information regarding the case to step forward. The area that the shop is located in has high traffic during this time of the day.

Representatives from William Hill would not comment on the particulars of this case pending the completion of the investigation. They would indicate that the Association of British Bookmakers may offer a reward to spur the pursuit and capture of the miscreants.

This is a valuable lesson for bettors both young and old. The betting shops are a safe place provided that you keep your wits about you during the entire visit. Nothing of value should be left unattended in a place of business for even a moment. A £15,000 misstep that the victim or anyone else is sure to be more careful about in the future.

Advanced Bets in Craps

The game of Craps is a very popular game, and once you understand the beginning Passline Bet, you are good to get started. But what about those who have been playing beginner’s style of Craps and are ready to move on? Indeed, there are many advanced bets that are fun to learn for advancement. Here are some more bets to know in Craps.

craps table

1. Buy Bet- This bet, similar to a Place Bet, lets you “buy” or bet on any number between 4 and 10 except for the 7. This means that you bet that the number you choose will be rolled before a 7 is rolled. This bet requires you to pay 4% commission to the house, and the odds are 48:25 on 4 and 10, 36:25 on the 5 and 9, and 144:125 on 6 and 8.

2. Lay Bet- This bet is the opposite as the buy, as you are betting that the 7 will be rolled before any number between 4 and 10. The odds for this bet are 1:2 for 4 and 10, 2:3 for 5 and 9, and 5:6 for 6 and 8. Fairly good odds with a decent payout.

3. C and E- It stands for Craps and Eleven. With this bet, placed by the stickman, it is a wager between the Craps and the Eleven and is one roll, betting on the 2, 3, 12 and 11. It is placed in between the Craps and Eleven circles so as to cover both bets. It pays 3 times the total for a 2, 3 or 12, and 7 times the total for an eleven. The bet has to stay up to win for both.

4. Hard Way Bet- This bet is, as the name indicates, hard to win, though the payout is worth it if won. The way this works is you bet a hard 6, for example, meaning that two 3’s have to be rolled before a 7, or any other total that adds up to 6. The odds of doubles adding up to your number is what makes it so hard, but the bets available are hard 4, 6, 8 and 10. Payout is 7:1 for a hard 4 or 10 and 9:1 for a hard 6 or 8.

Though there are many different bets and strategies to learn, these are a few of the more advanced bets. As you keep playing and exploring different rules, you can always find new ways to become better. Good luck!

How To Deposit At An Online Casino its a damn good thing that the U.S. federal government regulators are looking out for us by blocking financial transactions between U.S. banking institutions and online casinos. Maybe they should have been paying a little more attention to what their fat cat friends in the banking and savings and loan industry were up to while they were so busy making sure that hard working Americans can’t have a little fun in their off time.

They are easy to acquire and use, so they are something that you can look into and use the next time you are looking for some casino action. Of course overseas banking systems don’t have the same financial blockade that are put on U.S. citizens and neither are their banking systems on the verge of going belly up either. If you haven’t tried your hand at online gaming yet then you may find it preferable to standard casino action that you may have already tried.