Brisbane’s Queen Wharf Project Moves Forward

The historic Queen’s Wharf neighborhood is one of Brisbane’s most unique districts. The centrally located neighborhood is located right along Brisbane’s world-famous ocean front, and attracts thousands of tourists, vacationers, and business-people each year.

Echo Entertainment, one of Brisbane’s most respected development firms, has worked closely with the city officials on a proposal to build a casino complex in Queen’s Wharf. A representative speaking on behalf of Echo Entertainment says that a casino could really enliven the historic area, as well as bring in millions of dollars in additional revenue to the neighborhood. However, most people still wonder if this is a good investment since the boom of online casinos like One cant help but wonder if the offline casino will generate the expected ROI.

The Two Competing Development Firms

Queen’s WharfBesides Echo Entertainment, the other land development firm in the running for the Queen’s Wharf casino license is Crown Resorts. Both groups are backed by Chinese financiers. More specifically, Echo Entertainment has received money for the proposed Queen’s Wharf casino complex from Mr. Cheng Yu Tung, a billionaire located in Hong Kong. Crown Resorts, on the other hand, has backing from a casino holdings group that owns gambling complexes in places like Vietnam and Macau.

Decision Time in March

The newest reports coming out of Brisbane suggest that local politicians will decide which firm will be granted the casino license in March. Brisbane officials are pushing the decision back until after local elections, which take place in the middle of March.

Some political analysts believe that the Queen’s Wharf casino project will be a hot-button issue come election time. This explains why incumbent officials have decided to hold off on making a decision that will greatly affect the future of Queen’s Wharf until after the votes are in.

Other reports indicate that waiting until March will give Brisbane’s politicians more time to explore the financial integrity of both Crown Resorts and Echo Entertainment.