Ignore These 4 Poker Myths

If you’re a new player, here are 4 poker myths you should ignore:Texas-Holdem-poker

1) An education in poker is expensive.
This is just nonsense. You can learn poker for free while playing on your computer. You can also get a good book on how to play poker and practice a good, basic strategy. When you feel comfortable with your skills, you can start playing at games with low stakes. You’ll find plenty of undisciplined players at these games. If you play only good hands, you’ll stand a good chance of at least breaking even.

2) A player needs to be confident.
At first, this one seems to make sense. But while confidence is valuable in any area of life, it isn’t necessary to win at poker. Think about it for a moment. If you confidently sit down to play at a $100 game, but you aren’t at that skill level yet, you won’t do very well. Your winning really depends on your play. Just know your abilities and your limitations. Stick to the games which are commensurate with your skills and abilities. And play good hands.

3) You have to bluff.
If you believe this, then you are likely to lose more hands than you win. The purpose of bluffing is to get your good hands some action. But you need to have a good hand first.

4) The best players are highly aggressive.
The truth is that only a few players are highly aggressive, and they are better suited to big money games and tournament play. A close examination of players who win year in and year out reveals that these players aren’t constantly aggressive. They are selectively aggressive. Of course, you don’t want to be a timid player. But there’s no need for unrelenting aggression, unless that’s just your nature.

The bottom line is that you should not feel any pressure to conform to any styles of play which are propagated by these myths. Just learn the game. Practice your play. Develop an intelligent style of play that works for you. As in any area of life, be yourself, and you’ll do just fine.

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6 Blackjack Myths You Should Ignore

Following are some myths about blackjack which you should ignore.blackjack1

1) Bad players at your table throw your game off
The fact is that these players only affect their own games. And only you can affect your own game. They may annoy you, but it is up to you to keep track of the cards and your play.

2) Never choose the last position at the table.
Each player has as much impact on the hand being played as the last person at the table. It’s just common for the other players to blame the player in the last position if the hand goes sour for them. That’s just as stupid as blaming a basketball player for missing a shot which would have won the game for his team. The whole team contributed to the loss, not just that one player.

3) The order of the cards is hallowed
Sure, each time a player joins the game or another player leaves, the order of the cards will change. But who says this wouldn’t help you win, rather than lose? The point is that each player is responsible for his own play. Blaming either this or one of the previous 2 myths is just making an excuse for poor play.

4) It is illegal to count cards
Casinos love when players believe this one. In reality, counting cards is perfectly legal, and is one of the best strategies you can use to even your odds with the house.

5) When you are dealt a blackjack, you should always take insurance
Many players think you should also take insurance when you have 20 and the dealer is showing an ace. Did you know that when you take insurance you are surrendering 13 percent of the profit that blackjack pays? So, when should you take insurance? The answer is: Never.

6) Always assume the dealer has a 10 in the hole.
Mathematically, there is only a 3:7 chance that the dealer has a 10 in the hole.

You should dump the above myths now and take responsibility for how you play blackjack.

Thieves Strike Quickly at Betting Shop: 77 Year Old Loses Thousands of Pounds

The theft of winnings upsets the betting public more anything else in the world of gaming entertainment. Add to this case that the victim was elderly and a regular at the betting shop only fuels the fire to the fervor that this theft has stoked. A 77 year old gentleman was taken for up to £15,000 at a William Hill betting shop in the morning of September 21st. The betting shop in question is the one located on Cowbridge Road East, Canton.Gambling

Initial reports indicated that the man had frequented this location for the purpose of collecting some winnings owed to him. Police are not entirely certain this was the reason for the man’s visit.

What the authorities are more sure of is the following. Two Caucasians wearing nondescript dark clothing are prime persons of interest in this case. During the morning in question, the pensioner had left the bag of cash momentarily unattended. When his attention returned to the table, he noticed the bag had been taken. Management at the betting shop was notified and in turn contacted the authorities. The shop was temporarily closed and the area taped off so the police could conduct their investigation.

Police are labeling this a a theft as no use or threat of violence was made. Speculation is still unsure if this was more of a crime of opportunity or whether the perpetrators were scoping the area for victims. A plea to the public is being made for anyone that has information regarding the case to step forward. The area that the shop is located in has high traffic during this time of the day.

Representatives from William Hill would not comment on the particulars of this case pending the completion of the investigation. They would indicate that the Association of British Bookmakers may offer a reward to spur the pursuit and capture of the miscreants.

This is a valuable lesson for bettors both young and old. The betting shops are a safe place provided that you keep your wits about you during the entire visit. Nothing of value should be left unattended in a place of business for even a moment. A £15,000 misstep that the victim or anyone else is sure to be more careful about in the future.

When to Take Special Actions in Blackjack

There are two primary actions in the game of blackjack that all players understand. Most situations demand that you hit or stand. Some, however, require you to think a little bit more and take what’s known as a special action. You can either double down, split your cards, or surrender in some cases. When you should you do these things?

play blackjack

When to double down

Doubling down gives you a chance to put more money on the table after seeing your cards. This is a special opportunity, and it’s one that you must take full advantage of if you’re going to win. You should double down any time you have an 11, regardless of what the dealer holds. You should also double down on every 10 except in those cases when the dealer shows a 10 or an ace. In addition, you should be doubling down any eight or nine if the dealer shows a four, five, or six.

Where things get a bit messy is when you have a soft hand. If you’re hold a soft 12, 13, 14, or 15, you should double down when you’re looking at a dealer’s five or six. By doing this, you’ll be maximizing your edge in those specific hands.

When to split

You have the option of splitting any time you’re dealt cards of the same value. It’s important to get one thing out of the way up front. You should never split 10s under any circumstance. Beyond that, there are a few times when it’s right to split nines. If the dealer is showing a four through six, you might split nines. You should split eights against every dealer card except a 10. You should also split threes against every dealer card except that 10. It’s smart to split twos and fours against a dealer bust card, including a four, five, or six. Just as you shouldn’t split your 10s, you should never split fives.

When to surrender

Only certain blackjack tables give you the ability to surrender. This option allows you to get back half of your bet, and you automatically lose. The only time when you should surrender your hand is when you have a 15 or 16 against a dealer’s 10. This will provide you with a tremendous amount of value over time. Though it’s not exactly a “fun” way to play, you’ll walk away with more money over time.

Advanced Bets in Craps

The game of Craps is a very popular game, and once you understand the beginning Passline Bet, you are good to get started. But what about those who have been playing beginner’s style of Craps and are ready to move on? Indeed, there are many advanced bets that are fun to learn for advancement. Here are some more bets to know in Craps.

craps table

1. Buy Bet- This bet, similar to a Place Bet, lets you “buy” or bet on any number between 4 and 10 except for the 7. This means that you bet that the number you choose will be rolled before a 7 is rolled. This bet requires you to pay 4% commission to the house, and the odds are 48:25 on 4 and 10, 36:25 on the 5 and 9, and 144:125 on 6 and 8.

2. Lay Bet- This bet is the opposite as the buy, as you are betting that the 7 will be rolled before any number between 4 and 10. The odds for this bet are 1:2 for 4 and 10, 2:3 for 5 and 9, and 5:6 for 6 and 8. Fairly good odds with a decent payout.

3. C and E- It stands for Craps and Eleven. With this bet, placed by the stickman, it is a wager between the Craps and the Eleven and is one roll, betting on the 2, 3, 12 and 11. It is placed in between the Craps and Eleven circles so as to cover both bets. It pays 3 times the total for a 2, 3 or 12, and 7 times the total for an eleven. The bet has to stay up to win for both.

4. Hard Way Bet- This bet is, as the name indicates, hard to win, though the payout is worth it if won. The way this works is you bet a hard 6, for example, meaning that two 3’s have to be rolled before a 7, or any other total that adds up to 6. The odds of doubles adding up to your number is what makes it so hard, but the bets available are hard 4, 6, 8 and 10. Payout is 7:1 for a hard 4 or 10 and 9:1 for a hard 6 or 8.

Though there are many different bets and strategies to learn, these are a few of the more advanced bets. As you keep playing and exploring different rules, you can always find new ways to become better. Good luck!

Three Detroit Casinos Keeping Bankrupt City Afloat


The city of Detroit is relying on an unexpected business to keep them afloat. While the auto-industry used to be the main source of income for the struggling city, the three casinos located within the city limits are now necessary to keep city above financial floodwater during bankruptcy proceedings.

Within the bankruptcy filings it can be seen exactly how dependent the city is on the monthly taxes received from the casinos. As of June 30th, the $11-million in monthly taxes accounts for approximately 30% of the city’s available money. The casino tax alone pays for half of the police department and 100% of the capital required to keep the fire department in motion.

Detroit, home to four of the top ten most dangerous neighborhoods in the entire United States, needs the money from the casinos every month to make sure the residents of their streets will be safe. The filing expresses the urgency of funding within the police and fire department, stating that the casino taxes are required immediately.

The handling of casino tax money became an issue for the city of Detroit when a creditor wanted to keep the city from having any access to the funds. Syncora Holdings, and insurer lost control of the tax funds after a court order gave control and access to the casino money back to Detroit. Now that the city has filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy, the court will need to give the go ahead for Detroit to receive any funds that come out of its three casinos. Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, and UBS, other creditors working with the city have all agreed that the casino intake can go to the city.

Casino taxes and their benefits to Detroit come from the Greektown Casino, MGM Grand Detroit, and Motor City Casino. As with many cities, casinos bring jobs, tourism, and extra money that can cover the bills for crucial amenities such as fire crews and police.

As of April 2013, the state of Michigan saw proposals for 8 new casinos that could bring in more jobs, and most importantly, more income for a state that is struggling to stay afloat.

Understanding Online Casino Gambling Rules and Regulations

If you have been thinking of trying your hand at some online gambling then you are not alone, because more and more people are finding it preferable to walk in casino betting. Just as with any other type of casinos however, there are a few rules and regulations that you will have to adhere to. The first rule of online gambling is that you have to be at least eighteen years of age.

The next rule that you may run into is that many online gaming sites will require that all new users download their software before they can begin playing. This should be no problem unless your computer is incomputable for it which it most likely isn’t. The next rule that you are going to encounter is that you are going to have to open an online account with the casino that you are playing at. This is simple enough and the website will explain all that you need to know to get your account open and stocked with gaming funds. If you live in the U.S.

The first one is to use gift cards that most online casinos will accept. The other method is to open an overseas banking account which is now relatively easy to do online and transfer you gaming money from that. Some online sites in fact are now banning Americans from playing at their online casinos rather than deal with the vague U.S. rules and regulations that are imposed on them.

Tips on Live Casino Poker Games

A lot of people play poker online because this is very convenient. You do not have to go out of your house and dress to play your favorite game. You will not be hassled by traffic or heat. Then again, if you’ve been so used to playing poker online, playing the real poker game in a real casino, for the first time, can be a very tedious, if not scary, task. Once you enter the casino, you’re not entirely sure on how to sign up for games. You can’t just stand up and move to another table. Everyone was, of course, a beginner but not everyone wants to look like one. Here are a couple of tips that will help you survive the jungle, if ever you decide to come out and explore: 1. Secure a player’s card.

2. Check out what is out there. As soon as you enter the casino, you have to look for two things: boards and brush. The board will give you the list of games currently playing. Some casinos have huge screens, other have whiteboards. Smaller casinos have clipboards. Brush is the person that will sign you up for the games. You can look for podiums where brush usually stands at, others simply have a desk. 3.Check your options. There are other options if you will not be able to sit immediately.

4. Get your chips and select your table. As soon as you are signed up for your online poker game, you can go ahead and get your chips at the cashier. It is essential to buy your chips before you play so you can play right away as soon as you sit down. You do not have to buy your chips at the table and will not inconvenience other players. When the brush calls your name, he or she will tell you the table where you can sit at. If there are multiple tables available, then you will be given the option to choose your own.

Playing with the reliable online live casinos can make you win a lot of money

http://cdn.jimmakos.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/live-casino-dealer.jpgToday, casinos have become one of the fastest growing online businesses. Earlier, land based casinos or traditional casinos were the only medium considered to enjoy the variety of casino games. Casinos online are generally considered as a duplicate form of the land based casino. With the technological advancement, the concept of casinos has even become better and it has even enabled number of gamblers to play a wide variety of casino games with better payouts. Online live casinos are a great way with which one can make a lot of money and can even get entertained. Most of the popular casinos are typically expert and reliable because they only make use of best in casino gaming software. In addition, this is the best platform where you can be connected with different people and can make new friends. Remember, different kinds of rules are applied for different ND bonus.

All you need to do is go through those rules and avoid any disappointment and difficulties. Although, online casino offer four types of bonuses, namely match bonuses, free cash or no-deposit bonuses, bonuses for membership renewal and bonuses to use a preferred deposit system, but you can choose the one according to your preference. In order to enjoy the facility of free cash bonuses, you just need to sign up. You can even place free bets up to the value of the bonus. People who are new to the online casinos can go for this bonus type, as there is a chance to win real cash with your free bet. However, before you consider being indulged with any of them, make sure to take necessary caution, as most of these bonuses are fake. Such fake companies try to tempt the user but later on create problem for them. Therefore, it is important to learn more about the particular site beforehand and discard any kind of problem therein.

No wonder, these days online live casinos are considered by maximum number of people worldwide but before making up your mind to play the favorite online casino game make sure to read the casino guide and other information. Getting the help of online guide and reviews will directly educate you about the rules and regulations of the online games. Unlike, land based casino, one can easily gather further knowledge and information about ND bonus and about a certain game, which you are interested in playing.

How To Deposit At An Online Casino

http://internetcasinosonline.org/images/casino-games.jpgWell its a damn good thing that the U.S. federal government regulators are looking out for us by blocking financial transactions between U.S. banking institutions and online casinos. Maybe they should have been paying a little more attention to what their fat cat friends in the banking and savings and loan industry were up to while they were so busy making sure that hard working Americans can’t have a little fun in their off time.

They are easy to acquire and use, so they are something that you can look into and use the next time you are looking for some casino action. Of course overseas banking systems don’t have the same financial blockade that are put on U.S. citizens and neither are their banking systems on the verge of going belly up either. If you haven’t tried your hand at online gaming yet then you may find it preferable to standard casino action that you may have already tried.