Ignore These 4 Poker Myths

If you’re a new player, here are 4 poker myths you should ignore:Texas-Holdem-poker

1) An education in poker is expensive.
This is just nonsense. You can learn poker for free while playing on your computer. You can also get a good book on how to play poker and practice a good, basic strategy. When you feel comfortable with your skills, you can start playing at games with low stakes. You’ll find plenty of undisciplined players at these games. If you play only good hands, you’ll stand a good chance of at least breaking even.

2) A player needs to be confident.
At first, this one seems to make sense. But while confidence is valuable in any area of life, it isn’t necessary to win at poker. Think about it for a moment. If you confidently sit down to play at a $100 game, but you aren’t at that skill level yet, you won’t do very well. Your winning really depends on your play. Just know your abilities and your limitations. Stick to the games which are commensurate with your skills and abilities. And play good hands.

3) You have to bluff.
If you believe this, then you are likely to lose more hands than you win. The purpose of bluffing is to get your good hands some action. But you need to have a good hand first.

4) The best players are highly aggressive.
The truth is that only a few players are highly aggressive, and they are better suited to big money games and tournament play. A close examination of players who win year in and year out reveals that these players aren’t constantly aggressive. They are selectively aggressive. Of course, you don’t want to be a timid player. But there’s no need for unrelenting aggression, unless that’s just your nature.

The bottom line is that you should not feel any pressure to conform to any styles of play which are propagated by these myths. Just learn the game. Practice your play. Develop an intelligent style of play that works for you. As in any area of life, be yourself, and you’ll do just fine.

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