Play It Interactive To Partner with Indian Media Firms

Play It Interactive has been in the business for just one year, but that does not stop it from testing the waters, internationally. The mobile-gaming platform developer from Canada is planning to establish its base in countries like South Africa, India, Latin America and Nigeria. To tap on the growing number of gamers in India, it has already raised about $1 million. It is also presently in talks with media firms in India to widen its offerings in the nation.

Mobile Gaming

Widening its platform

As said by President of the start-up, Cory Cleveland, the firm intends to team up with Indian media companies and offer a wide line of mobile games to players. Play it provides mobile platforms that allow its users to enjoy a variety of games like online gambling and video games. It also offers interactive entertainment events on phones with basic features, at cheap prices. Ray Newal, the Head of Development of the firm explained that using its platforms for one hour over a whole month would consume as little as 100 MB of data.

The company has previously tasted success by launching a football app during the FIFA World Cup in July. It attracted more than 6, 45,000 players, out of which 500,000 were from India. The app allows gamers to hold powerful positions in professional football teams. They get to retain or drop players from the team and take it towards glory by making strategic decisions against other teams. The response towards the game by Indian players, prompted the company to focus on the Indian gaming market.

Interactive gameplay

Similar to the football app, the company has also released a cricket app. It also offers an Indian-style poker game named ‘Teen Patti’ in the country. One of the biggest strengths of the company is that it offers highly interactive and light games. Newal mentioned that the firm is currently in talks with several media giants in the country and will soon sign a deal with one of them. However, he did not give out the names of any of the firms with which it might get into a partnership.